District Information

LEA Name
6094 Division Of Youth Services


Title User
eFinance Sysadmin Larry Ivens
eSchool Sysadmin Larry Ivens
eSchool Sysadmin Stephanie Russell
SIS Cycle Coordinator Larry Ivens
SIS Cycle Coordinator Stephanie Russell
studentGPS Group Manager ---Awaiting Assignment
Triand Primary Contact Stephanie Russell


Web Title Description Number Allowed
eSchool Sysadmin The eSchool System Administrator has the ability to create user profiles and assign resources within the eSchool application. The eSchool System Administrator is able to add and delete Active Directory accounts on the state servers. 3
SIS Cycle Coordinator The SIS Cycle Coordinator has the ability to submit all Cycles in the Statewide Information System (SIS). 4
studentGPS Group Manager The studentGPS Group Manager has the ability to grant studentGPS security group membership for existing Active Directory accounts. 1
Triand Primary Contact The Triand Primary Contact has the ability to assign permissions within the Triand application. 1